The pre roll packs were off the chain

I never buy anything expensive from the dispensary. I usually shop for the items that are on sale or at the cheapest level. The dispensary always offers packages of marijuana for $20 or less. They also have packages of marijuana that cost $50 or more. The dispensary carries a variety of other items as well, like edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals. I haven’t tried anything other than dried marijuana flower. This is my favorite and I can’t imagine preferring anything else. I went to the cannabis dispensary last Saturday and there was a rep from a company that sells pre. The company specializes in pre-roll packs that are infused with distillate and bubble hash. The wrap had free items for everyone that made a purchase. I received a one gram pre-roll infused with distillate and bubble hash. I also purchased a pack of pre-rolls that were the same as the one that I received for free. Since they were 20% off, the price was reasonable. The free pre-roll was a flavor called Tropicana cookies. The pack of pre-rolls was a different flavor called peach rings and it was an indica. Both of the distillate infused pre-rolls were off the chain. I couldn’t even make it through a whole one joint before I had to put the thing out and call it quits. The joint was really smooth and I didn’t cough at all. The joint was also very flavorful, thanks to the natural plant terpenes. Even though these products were expensive, I would definitely consider making the purchase again if they were on sale.

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