I was able to learn about the sale from a great pal of mine

I was at work Monday when Tommy called & decided to leave a message.

I didn’t listen to the message until I was having some lunch, however Tommy called to tell me everything about a sale at the marijuana store.

The sale was on all of the concentrates that I enjoy the most. Tommy tried to call numerous times & I didn’t answer the phone. I quickly called Tommy when I got the message. I thanked him for thinking of me & told him that I was not going to be able to appreciate the sale due to my ridiculous work schedule. Tommy is such a good man though… He offered to go to the dispensary on my behalf. He came to the hospital & picked up $300 currency from me. Tommy is certainly the only guy that I would trust with such a sizable amount of currency. I have pretty excellent friends, however $300 is an immense stack of currency. Tommy picked up the currency & went down to the dispensary. He called me from inside of the store & told me about all the items that were available. I met Tommy at his condo after my shift at the hospital ended. It was close to three hours after the dispensary closed. I was entirely cheerful that Tommy made the decision to do me a massive favor by going to the marijuana shop while I was at work. I obtained a huge assortment of items for the $300 that I spent. I obtained 8 grams of concentrate plus a half ounce of Blue Dream flower. I even managed to get a few pre rolls too. Tommy & I shared a joint after work.