I only knew of the sale because of a friend of mine

I was at my place of work Sunday when Jack called plus decided to leave a message on my iPhone.

  • I did not choose to listen to the message until I was enjoying some dinner.

Jack easily called to tell me everything about a sale at the marijuana dispensary. The sale was on all of the concentrates that are my definite favorites. Jack made an attempt to call a couple of times plus I did not answer. Of course, I instantly called Jack when I got the message. I thanked him for thinking of me at this time plus told him that I was not going to be able to take advantage of the sale in the least due to my job schedule. Jack is such a wonderful guy, he said he would go to the pot shop for me. He came to the hospital plus picked up $300 currency from me. Jack is really the only person that I could trust with that much currency. I have some of the best friends, however $300 is a huge stack of currency. Jack picked up the currency plus headed to the dispensary. He called me from inside of the store plus told me what was happening with the items that were available. I met Jack at his lake property after my shift at the hospital ended. It was approximately three hours after the dispensary closed. I was really thankful that Jack decided to do me such a wonderful favor by going to the marijuana shop while I was stuck at work. I purchased a decent amount of items for the $300 that I spent. I purchased 8 grams of concentrate and a half ounce of Purple Kush flower. I even managed to get a couple of pre rolls also. Jack plus I shared an infused joint after work.

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