Medical weed doesn’t cure cancer

I work in a medical marijuana dispensary and it can be rewarding.

I see mostly people come into the dispensary for chronic pain help. I know exactly what kind of flower or oil they need. I know what type of person prefers to vape or take an edible. The second reason people come in is for MS. Then I start getting patients with depression, anxiety and sleep issues. It doesn’t mean I don’t treat other medical issues. Parkinson’s, dementia, seizures and cancer treatment all can benefit from medical cannabis. People suffering from cancer can be really difficult though. There must be some confusion among the masses when it comes to medical weed. I get a lot of people that think cannabis can fix their cancer. Somebody gets diagnosed with cancer and refuses chemotherapy. They then come to a cannabis dispensary and just start smoking weed. That is not the magic cure. In fact, cannabis doesn’t do anything about cancer. It is the effects that chemotherapy has on the body that medical weed can help. A cancer sufferer needs to undergo chemo. When they have nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss due to the treatment, that is when medical cannabis comes into play. Marijuana can help all of those symptoms, but you will still have cancer. Weed hasn’t yet become the magic fix for every illness. It is awful when there are people trying to find a strain that is the perfect fix or they already tried and made their cancer worse. Those are very discouraging days at work.

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