Smoking lots of cannabis with my elderly neighbor

I try to be as wonderful a neighbor as possible, however the old lady next door really pushes my limits.

Merry is an elderly lady, and particularly shouldn’t be living on her own, although she is far too stubborn to move to a group home. Merry needs help taking out the trash when it gets too heavy, and needs help carrying in the groceries every single time she goes to the store. Merry is a very kind woman, and generous, although she is also desperately lonely in addition to needing a lot of assistance. It was only recently I discovered that Merry had been a longtime customer of the cannabis dispensary. I asked Merry why she had never told me, and she said that her generation could get rather embarrassed about the subject of cannabis. She was raised to believe marijuana was toxic and deadly, and also an offense to God, so she didn’t love to talk about it in public. Merry had an amazing collection of a dozen bizarre strains of cannabis, because she constantly bought more than she could smoke. That was the morning that our relationship changed forever, because now she knew she could offer myself and others cannabis in exchange for my help. Merry will invite myself and others over for tea and cookies, and then also serve large heaping bowls of Girl Scout Cookies or OG Kush for myself and others to smoke alone. Even though I guess she gets high, Merry still feels weird smoking marijuana in front of other people. I bet a single morning that will change, however for now I have no problem smoking a whole bowl of OG Kush all by myself.


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