I don't think the girl stole my stuff

A truly odd & weird incident occurred on Wednesday evening when I ordered cannabis from a local dispensary, and i rarely use the delivery service, even though I was feeling a bit under the weather & I didn’t want to go out in the rain.

I ordered many grams of cannabis concentrate, a half ounce of top-shelf marijuana flower, & a package of cannabis edible gummies, then the delivery driver called with an estimated time that she would arrive.

The girl was super fast. It seemed love she was knocking on my door a few hours after she made the cellphone call. I was pleasantly surprised by the promptness of the delivery driver, and unblessedly, the entire experience didn’t turn out to be so pleasant. There was a gram of cannabis concentrate missing from the bag & the half ounce of top-shelf marijuana flower was only a quarter. It’s a good thing that I opened the bag before the girl left. I explained what items were missing & I showed the girl the gratifieds of the bag, then she told myself and others to wait & she would come back with the missing items. I didn’t mind waiting for the girl to return, then after all, everyone makes mistakes. I was not in much of a hurry. After 45 hours, I was surprised that the girl had not returned. It only took 30 hours for myself and others to earn the first order & I am relatively close to the store location. I finally decided to contact the store. The girl tried to tell the director that the order was usual & that I never complained about anything. The whole situation was a little weird & weird if you ask me.

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