Cannabis delivery is worth paying extra

I am so lucky that my marijuana dispensary now provides delivery services in my neighborhood.

  • There are several recreational cannabis shops in my area.

The issue is that the majority do not sell the options I like. There are a lot of restrictions associated with creating and selling edibles. From the ingredients to the packaging, the rules are strict. If the edible includes dairy in it, such as a chocolate, the laws are tough. Smaller dispensaries only offer limited options, such as gummy products. I buy cannabis-infused cooking oils, beverages, cookies, pasta sauces and I love the chocolates with THC in them. My favorite recreational dispensary is about a half-hour’s drive away. I need plenty of spare time if I want to buy cannabis for the weekend. I used to debate, procrastinate and be reluctant to make a trip to the dispensary. All that has changed now that I have access to delivery. I browse online, place an order with a few clicks and the package shows up at my door, usually the same day. The website saved my information, making the transaction very easy. It automatically fills in the number of my debit card, my address and telephone number. I get a text message when the delivery guy is en route and I can even track his progress. I also signed up to receive the dispensary newsletter by way of email. I alerts about new products, specials, deals and when my favorite cannabis products go on sale. If I lived closer to the dispensary, I wouldn’t have to pay a fee for delivery. However, my location means that I get charged for that convenience. I don’t mind. I am just relieved to not need to fight traffic, weather and parking. My time is so precious that I prefer paying more for the privilege of staying in my sweat pants and waiting for my cannabis order to arrive.



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