I bike to the dispensary

I live in a state that provides both medical and recreational marijuana. I don’t have any medical conditions requiring treatment so I stick to recreational week and the amount I am allowed. It is my senior year at college and I reside in campus housing. I can easily walk to all my classes, the dining hall and any parties at the fraternity or sorority houses around campus. The grocery store, post office, gas station and various services are only a bike ride away. The recreational cannabis dispensary requires around a fifteen-minute bike ride. However, I need to cross multiple lanes of traffic at one intersection. Because of this, I hope to avoid that ride whenever possible. The cannabis dispensary has recently added weed delivery services. That is such a big help. I am 21, which allows me to order cannabis delivery right to my campus apartment. I smoke cannabis extracts. I use an indica to help me relax and get rid of anxiety. I also smoke a sativa strain flower when I want to socialize and enjoy an energy boost. I’ve found wonderful quality of cannabis products at this particular dispensary. I usually place an order about once a month. For the rest of the month, I try to be careful about my consumption as well as my spending habits. If I have enough leftover in my budget, I can order cannabis delivery. If I don’t, I hop on my bike and make the trip all the way to the legal dispensary. I am willing to endure inclement weather, traffic and bad road conditions in order to get my cannabis products.



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