Traveling for work takes me to states with legal cannabis

My work often requires that I fly or drive to new locations and live in temporary housing.

I stay in one place for approximately four to six months at a time.

I get familiar with the city, try out all the local restaurants and visit the various sights. I don’t usually make an effort to make friends or be overly social. I could probably meet people at a bar or through the club scene, but I don’t want to put in the time and effort when I know I’ll be leaving soon. I spend my time visiting the farmers markets, local amenities, wineries and breweries. I am thankful if I get to reside in a state that offers legal recreational cannabis. I do not bother with a medical marijuana card because a lot of states don’t allow reciprocity. I don’t truly need cannabis for medical reasons. I simply like to smoke an indica strain prior to going to bed and a sativa strain if I am going to go for a run. The cannabis dispensaries in the neighborhood usually provide a satisfying product list. The question is always whether it is legal for me to purchase and possess cannabis. Once I arrive in a state that provides legal weed, I search around to see what cannabis products are available to me. I enjoy trying out new strains and terpenes. I am thrilled if the cannabis dispensary is within walking distance. It’s very convenient if the dispensary will deliver right to my door. I like ordering cannabis products online and knowing I don’t need to leave the house to pick them up. I can just enjoy my free time at home and wait for a knock on the door. It is one of the luxuries I enjoy when I travel around.


Weed delivery