Dispensary finally offers delivery

Now the dispensary offers cannabis delivery in my area and it is just wonderful

COVID has really made a mess of some things while making some others better. I used to enjoy attending musicals, concerts, movies and stand-up comedians. Because of COVID, I can’t do those activities anymore. The restrictions are so strenuous that the majority of performances have been either postponed or canceled. How discouraging is that? What is actually a benefit is all the delivery services now available. I can easily opt to have almost any product sent to my door. I used to spend a great deal of time grocery shopping every week. Now, I have enrolled in a monthly grocery delivery service. Waiting at the deli counter used to take forever. I can now shop for deli products online and add them to my order. I pay a little extra for this convenience. I just need to plan ahead. I have my birth control, toiletries, cat food and litter delivered. It is so much easier. I never need to get in the car and drive to run errands. My cannabis dispensary was the final business holding out for a while. They were working to comply with the various rules and restrictions with a quarantine-like lifestyle. I tried waiting in line at the dispensary while a worker hunted for my products. Because only a couple people were allowed inside at a time, I was left waiting outside in the weather. I only did that process a few times. It was not pleasant. Now the dispensary offers cannabis delivery in my area and it is just wonderful. I just place an order through their website and wait for the driver to come to me. I am spending more because of the delivery fee, but it is worth it. I don’t waste so much time anymore.

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