Weed delivery right to our hotel

On my honeymoon, my new wife and I were eager to try legal marijuana for the first time.

We made plans to visit a recreational cannabis dispensary, shop the variety of products and then get high together. We found the closest cannabis dispensary was ten blocks away. We figured out it would take us a 30 minute walk to reach the dispensary. We hadn’t bothered with a rental car and were unqilling to pay to take an uber there and back. I was disappointed at the thought of missing out. I’d been really looking forward to trying legal cannabis. My wife then did a little research. She found that the dispensary included delivery services. She uploaded a picture of her ID and debit card to the website. Then we were able to choose the items that we wanted online. It was so easy to add products to our cart, check out and opt for delivery. We didn’t need to get dressed and map the route to the store. We handled the whole transaction from our hotel room. We were able to find product information, including THC levels, effects, weights, price and effects. We looked at pictures of the products. It was a rewarding experience. The cannabis dispensary even offers a chat feature where we could consult with a budtender online and get advice for what products might work best for us. We chose a few edibles and a tincture. My wife waited for the driver out front of the hotel. Within 30 minutes, he showed up with everything packaged perfectly. The delivery fee wasn’t all that high. My wife and I felt it was worth the extra money to avoid walking the hour in the heat. It was fun sampling cannabis gummies. We liked the ease of the tincture. The dropper method allows for precise dosing. The compact bottle makes it easy to carry.



Marijuana delivery service