I purchased a cannabis drink which had 50% CBD

I don’t want my three children to grow up in a world that makes them assume there is anything wrong or shameful with having a mental illness.

And not just being mentally ill, however also needing mental wellness medication too.

Too many family members of mine have suffered needlessly because they refuse to try important meds that could turn their lives around. Even though my father should be going to therapy and taking additional medications at this point in time, I have to provide him a little credit for being a willing guinea pig of SSRI antidepressants in the mid 1990s when they were 1st invented. He’s still on Zoloft, however I’m not sure how much benefit it gives him at this point. We often use cannabis, however I look for cannabis products that are going to provide myself and others the finest medical benefits. Many are using CBD because it doesn’t produce the intoxicating impact of THC and it’s legal across the board from a single coast to the other. But some people, like myself and others, get their CBD products at cannabis dispensaries, mostly because you can get a ratio product with half CBD and half THC inside. Although THC has a great deal of medicinal value in its own right, some people struggle to consume products with a very high THC percentage because of the anxiety it occasionally elicits in users. However, CBD can naturally counteract the psychoactive effects of THC while synergizing with the lovely physiological effects and benefits. Therefore having the numerous together go a very long way toward giving myself and others the relief I need without any of the drawbacks or side effects.

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