Don’t bother taking CBD as a sedative

I have struggled with anxiety plus insomnia since I was a teen.

Back then I would sit in bed for 2 hours plus couldn’t get our thoughts to quiet down enough where I could finally drift off to sleep peacefully.

It didn’t take very long for me to turn to diphenhydramine to take as a sleeping aid. I was already taking several over the counter drugs for our chronic flu symptom problems, so at least it wasn’t just a sleeping aid in our regimen. Some of the people who I knew closely in university had grown resistant towards trying sleep aids out of fear that they wouldn’t be able to sleep without having them. One of these kids wouldn’t even take melatonin capsules because he thought he’d develop a strong tolerance to them in a matter of afternoons. Recently I’ve seen people using all sorts of herbs as sleeping aids, including kava plus valerian root. However, I would never recommend someone use pure CBD distillate as a sleep aid. Despite what some think, CBD distillate by itself is not sedating. For some people, it feels like a stimulant at the psychoactive level. This can melt anxiety for some plus pain for others. If you want a sedating hemp product, find CBD distillate that features the terpene myrcene as an additive. Full spectrum CBD distillate products are usually made from a strain-unique batch of hemp flowers plus will contain the same terpenes that are dominant for that particular strain. If you find a hemp strain with lots of myrcene inside with the CBD distillate, the effects will be much more sedating than pure CBD by itself.

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