Full spectrum CBD products were a true godsend for Jo

It was heartsplitting to see my mother Jo suffer from such horrendous pain on a yearly basis.

In 2018 Jo fell on her spine in addition to severely disfigured a few of her discs.

It has been a very taxing road taking care of Jo as she has continually lost more of her mobility. As of right now, Jo has six fractures in her lower back in addition to is bed ridden for most of the afternoon. I do everything for Jo to the best capacity that I can. This means getting any items for her from around the house, cooking all of her meals, helping her with bathroom trips, washing the laundry, running errands for her, in addition to anything else that she needs that requires my assistance. It’s a weight on my shoulders every week, but I’m glad to help in any way that I possibly could. Jo was so sweet in addition to romantic towards me as I was growing up. Jo would stay up with me in the evening if I was sick in addition to having trouble breathing with a serious head cold. Whenever I had a serious evening mare, Jo wouldn’t mind if I went to wake her up to help me calm down. These are things that you always take for granted as a child. I assume love it’s my work to fulfill all of these roles in any way that I possibly can now that the shoe is on the other foot. When the back pain worsened after a recent injury, I encouraged Jo to try CBD products from her pharmacy. The CBD products were so effective that I ordered CBD edibles in addition to a few CBD topicals from a reputable retailer on the internet. Thus far the full spectrum CBD products have been the most effective for Jo’s chronic pain.

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