The local CBD stores have shady products of dubious origin

Back in 2012, an influx of vape stores started to pour into the cities in my state.

They took a lot of empty storefronts in old strip malls that had been sitting empty in the years since the 2008 Financial Recession.

Many people assumed that these vape stores were the start of a current market for tobacco consumption, one that had been posing a drastic threat to the cigarette industry. I wouldn’t lie and say I understand a market that is of no interest to me, despite the fact that I assume that large tobacco pushed through some drastic swings to the PACT Act that took a sizable blow to the nicotine vape industry over the last year. Friends of mine who quit smoking cigarettes in addition to moved on to vaporizing e-juice were so annoyed when they found out they were no longer allowed to order their vape products from online retailers. It moved all sales to physical stores in addition to taking a sizable blow to the industry in a short span of time. But oddly enough, a lot of the last existing physical nicotine vape stores in my section were already out of supplier before the change took location. So by the time it had finally occurred, there weren’t the number of vape stores as there were just a few years prior. Most of ours became CBD stores around early to mid 2019 after hemp had been broadly legalized for at least a year. Even though some of them have been in business for essentially 3 years, they still carry sketchy products that I can’t trace to a fair source. This is worrisome if the CBD could have residual solvents leftover from the original extraction process.

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