The dispensary manager came to me for help

The people I was with along with myself received a medical marijuana card in the mail and it was incredibly exciting to go to a dispensary.

  • It was in fact one of the coolest places that I had been.

When the people I was with along with myself visited the place initially, we found out that they absolutely had an online website with all of the products listed. The people I was with as well as myself found it nice to choose the products along with the specials plus then pick the items that we wanted to buy. The people I was with along with myself could option up our order and place our business any day. Even some items showed up and on sale and there were multiple items then suddenly inside of the basket. They were all the same and this was something that was absolutely important. Suddenly the people I was with along with myself had problems on the website. Clearly the cannabis dispensary manager didn’t know anything about the website problems when she told the people I was with plus myself to go there. When every one of us went to the cannabis shop, every one of us explained the problems like dead links to the cart and the problems with adding extra items. I hope they would be able to fix the Online problems, because I thought it was going to be a lot easier to order that way from this time forward. I still believe it could absolutely be helpful for us.


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