Mother uses medical cannabis for MS

The first group of marijuana users are chronic pain sufferers, then it is the main reason people rely on medical marijuana, then the hour group of medical cannabis patients is several sclerosis or known as MS.

There is quite a bit of calculus now behind medical weed reducing the amount of muscle spasms MS patients encounter… My mother has MS and can attest to the fact that medical marijuana really does make a difference! Did you suppose the pain with an MS flare up can last anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of months? That is silly to be in pain that long, however pills never helped my mother much, then he started getting into taking herbs and other things in nature… Anytime he felt the early signs of a flare up, he would take his herbs. My mom would notice heavy muscles, tingling along the tongue, back of the neck or just being really worn out. Then my mother would hastily take his herbs and could reduce the amount and severity of the pain. My mother was consistently looking for better ways though, but when the more than one of us found medical weed could really help, he instantly got a cannabis card. The budtenders at the cannabis shop near myself and others are amazing. They suppose all the latest research and commanded the right strain to my mother. She cares about that he can just smoke a bit of cannabis the moment he starts to think pain. It is way easier than finding the jars of herbs, making a tea and drinking it all. Instead he can hastily take a few hits of a vape he has around his neck.


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