I talked to the guy for two hours and he only charged me $99

I had a lot of questions about growing marijuana and 10. I honestly didn’t know who to ask, so I went online to look for an answer. I realized very quickly that there are cannabis consultants all over the country. These people have a job that includes answering questions about the retail and medical marijuana business. Most of the consultants were pretty pricey. A lot of them wanted a huge amount of money up front, just to listen to your case and ask questions. One particular cannabis consultants had a $99 special. We met in the office and I was allowed to ask as many questions as I wanted for that $99 fee. I made sure there were plenty of days before I met with the Cannabis consultant. I really wanted to make sure I had every question written down. I even took a tape recorder so I didn’t miss any of the information provided by the cannabis consulting. The consultant turned out to be a lawyer. The guy specializes in cannabis law. He knew everything and had an answer for all of the questions on my list. The two of us talked for almost 2 hours about cannabis and hemp sales, but the guys still only charged me the $99 fee when we were finished. He also gave me his business card and told me to contact him again if I had any other questions. The guy was extremely friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. I would definitely use his services in the future if I had any other questions about the cannabis industry.



Medical marijuana business consulting service