They make the paperwork hard on purpose

The guy told me to bring the paperwork with me for the consultation.

Did you know that it is completely legal for any person in the state to grow marijuana and sell it to a dispensary? The biggest hurdle and issue that most people face is the paperwork. The government makes the paperwork incredibly difficult to fill out on purpose. This is the loophole they have to keep a ton of people from growing marijuana in their backyard. If you can’t understand the paperwork to do it legally, most people won’t break the law. I think it is silly to create a process that is specifically made to fail. I tried to fill out all of the paperwork when I wanted to certify my farm for cannabis growing. The paperwork was worse than a legal contract and I didn’t know where to start and where to end. I called a couple of different lawyers that specialize in contracts. One of those lawyers gave me the name of a law firm that specializes in cannabis Consulting and contracts. I thought they would charge an arm and a leg for their services, but they were actually quite reasonable. I made an appointment to speak with one of the representatives. The guy told me to bring the paperwork with me for the consultation. He answered all of my questions and then helped me fill out the paperwork. The consultant also said to come back if the paperwork gets returned, because he will look at the mistakes for no extra charge. The consulting firm is there to help people get their marijuana growing license. They aren’t necessarily there to make a billion dollars in the industry.

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