Helping me find out who was stealing

Theft was a problem in my cannabis dispensary not too long ago. I couldn’t figure out how to track where my products were going. I had the cash register and bar codes, but there was an employee that somehow knew how to get past it. I couldn’t really get through to the cops either. I started researching how I could figure out what products I was losing. I found that hiring a marijuana dispensary consulting service was the answer. This person wears many hats. They can help with packaging, online ordering, setting up the business permit and can even help with the products offered. Apparently the way my online ordering was set up was a mess. The business consultant immediately showed me how someone could easily steal products by pretending to order it online. My cannabis products weren’t tracked through there, only in store purchases. The marijuana business consultant helped me set up a better system. I also now have a tracker that gets automatically updated with each purchase. At the end of the month I have a print out that shows me what I should have of each product. I then knew what was being taken and at what time. I found the employee that was doing all the stealing by pretending to order things online. It took time and money to get to this point, but now I am saving money since I am not losing anything to theft. I am really thankful that I have a better way to track my products too. It makes me feel much more professional.

Medical marijuana business consulting