Working for a cannabis seo company and figuring out search engine optimization

Marketing is a great industry to study because there are niches that cover a huge assortment of different businesses and services.

You can take skills that you learn in one venue and apply them to another, especially with search engine optimization.

SEO is about finding words that match what users are most likely to type into the search bar when they scour the web for information or content. The idea is that you want your web copy to contain the words that will be triggered in hundreds or thousands of web searches. Every single business owner, content creator, or artist needs to understand search engine optimization and how to successfully apply it to their own pursuits. I am on the business team for a cannabis SEO company and we are always evolving in understanding and utilizing the best strategies for matching web content to search queries. Cannabis dispensaries need to know what sort of keywords are popular within their niche or whatever is related to the specific products that they carry. Once you have a keyword list for website SEO, you’re already halfway there on your road to success. Cannabis concentrates are extremely popular right now, especially extracts with high terpenes concentrations. Examples include diamonds, HTFSE (high terpene full spectrum extract), live budder, and live resin. Live rosin is also extremely popular because it is made without any chemical solvents, with simply heat and pressure. If you’re a company that focuses on cannabis concentrates, you’ll want to include many of these keywords on pages of your website. That’s where a digital marketing firm can provide a real benefit for long term success.