Integrating SEO when making websites for marijuana dispensaries

I knew in high school that I wanted to be a web designer, as I had the fortunate opportunity to study it in a digital design class.

  • As I learned the basics, I eventually downloaded Adobe Dreamweaver and experimented with the features and settings.

The hours I spent watching video tutorials for web design paid off when I started studying software design and web design formally in college. Most of the work is in programming, which isn’t easy to learn for most people. There are multiple programming languages one needs to learn, and it’s common to sit and stare at a line of code for hours while trying to find a tiny error causing it all to fall apart. A lot of the websites that I design these days are for companies operating within the large umbrella of the cannabis and CBD industry. States with legal marijuana are seeing boons to their industries while the rest of the country has CBD and hemp to capitalize upon. Designing effective websites involves understanding a bit of digital marketing as well. The website needs to be strong in their SEO so that people making search queries are finding the website in question. Otherwise the website stays buried beneath others that are suffering a similar fate. I have considered going out on my own and creating a digital marketing and web design business for cannabis companies and dispensaries. I could use the experience I have now and apply it to the large marijuana industry. There will be even more opportunities for clients as more states transition toward legal recreational cannabis sales.


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