It would be nice if the pharmacy would deliver CBD.

When the local medical marijuana dispensary quit selling pure CBD products, I had to find some place else to purchase a CBD.

There were certain creams and lotions that I was using for my extremely dry skin, and the CBD was helping my skin to heal.

Not being able to get these creams and lotions from the dispensary, I had to find an alternative source. It didn’t take long to realize that, although it was a unique brand; I could purchase the CBD at our local pharmacy. If I thought it was a high price at the dispensary, I was wrong. The price of one small bottle of CBD cream was twice what I was paying at the dispensary. I went home and went online to see if I could purchase CBD cream or lotion online. I found several brands, but they were not pure CBD but hemp CBD, which is what the marijuana dispensary budtender had been telling me. I went back to the pharmacy and purchased a small jar of the CBD cream I needed. Every week, I was heading back to the pharmacy, which was almost 25 miles one way. The last time I was there, I mentioned how nice it would be if the pharmacy would deliver CBD to my home. They asked me where I lived, and told me they had regular weekly deliveries in that area every Wednesday. She told me that all I had to do was call the pharmacy and tell them what CBD products I wanted and they would deliver it all with my regular prescriptions.

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