Procedure benefits from a trip to the cannabis store

I recently had a surgical procedure that I had been putting off for years.

  • It wasn’t so much life altering as something that needed to be fixed.

The reason I put it off for so long had so much to do with the difficult and painful recovery process. But the local cannabis spot came to my rescue. Once the procedure was completed, I was given the requisite pain medication. I’ve always been a bit wary of pain pills and this time was no different. However the pain was so consistently intense that I had no choice but to try. Yet, the meds had side effects that would delay my healing so I quit. That’s when the doctor suggested that I try cannabis. He specifically indicated that I should go to the local cannabis spot to procure indica products for treating my pain. With the help of my wife, I got myself in the car and headed out to the cannabis dispensary near me. Once there, the staff was so great about getting me the sort of indica products that would work the best for my situation. I wasn’t that keen on smoking the cannabis really. It’s not that I’m against smoking weed or anything like that. It’s just that smoking of anything makes me feel sick to be around. So instead, the staff at the local cannabis spot suggested that I try the cannabis edibles with indica. When I got home, I tried about half a gummy. Within 45 minutes, I was managing my pain just so very much better. Man, am I ever thankful that we have cannabis laws that make sense in this state.

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