Athletes go to the cannabis dispensary too

It was sort of funny to see the look on a new friend of mines face when I went to open the door to the cannabis dispensary.

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes became as wide as dinner plates.

I told her to close her mouth before a bug flew in there. I get this reaction when people in my life find out that I use cannabis. There is such a strong reaction because I’m an athlete and my body is my job. While I’m not a footballer or any sort of that type of pro athlete. I’m a trainer and nutrition expert. That’s one of the reasons I get such weird looks when I suggest a stop at the local cannabis spot when shopping. I actually started using recreational marijuana many years ago. It was something that most young adults in my circle used. But since I was always a training and competitive athlete, sativa strains and indica strains were not part of my vocabulary. But that changed once I tried it. There was a component to recreational marijuana that worked much more like medical marijuana for me. I had always struggled with some depressive symptoms and behavior. Using the hybrid strains a friend offered me suddenly changed the paradigm for me. I was able to free myself of the self doubt and anxiety that had plagued me all of my life. Athletics had been my only outlet until I found that sativa products and indica products could help me alter my perspective for the better. That almost freed me in a new way to pursue athletics as the passion it is for me. It really changed my life. So if me going to the local cannabis spot freaks some folks out, I can live with that.

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