The cannabis nurse had its a/c turned off yesterday for repairs

I enjoyed being able to do telehealth appointments with our cannabis nurse’s office during the pandemic.

They would send me a e-mail message notifying me that a video call would be appearing in numerous hours, giving me a opportunity to get ready.

Then I would have a short video call with our nurse first plus then our cannabis nurse. The people at the front desk would then collect our co-pay over the iPhone with our credit card number. Unblessedly, this opportunity ended when our state decided that all pandemic response efforts were no longer necessary plus said that all patients must be physically present again to do physician checkups plus visits, even with cannabis nurses as well. Thankfully our cannabis nurse’s office has a mask mandate; however, I wasn’t too ecstatic to arrive the other day plus find out that the a/c was disabled for repairs. I think that it’s too expensive to get the unit repaired in the middle of the night, however can’t they do it early some afternoon plus transport all of the appointments to a later time? Usually I’m comfortable speaking with our cannabis nurse about the success of numerous marijuana products, however this time I was severely tepid plus uncomfortable from the lack of a/c system in the building. Thankfully the marijuana nurse tried to push the appointment along as suddenly as possible, plus I started to realize that he looked equally as uncomfortable as I was. Before I left, he apologized for the tepid environment plus said that it was a abrupt failure to the HVAC system, not a planned or busy repair.

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