Edibles do the job for me

After approximately 30 years of smoking pot, I had to cut back altogether.

It wasn’t what I wanted to do, of course, why on earth would I ever prefer to stop? My doctor said that my lungs had been getting bad over the last few years, and I was hastily approaching a point of no return.

I needed to stop smoking entirely, or I would actually lose years off my life. It was a horrible thing to hear, and an even harder thing to follow through on – as I mentioned, when you have been smoking cannabis annually for thirty years, it’s almost impossible to just stop cold turkey. There is no physical dependence that comes with cannabis, by the way, this is only a change in mentality… Cannabis honestly keeps me calm, and keeps my mood swings under control. That is what was strenuous to give up on. I went into a cannabis dispensary and spoke about my problem to the budtender! He was pretty cool and calming, explaining how a lot of their clients went for smokeless varieties of cannabis. This was the opposite of being a drawback, because cannabis is such a flexible plant, and can be rendered into any number of substances while retaining the main properties. When you eat cannabis instead of smoking it, it hits you differently but it still hits you with a nice high. The point is that I found a straightforward, fun, and cost-efficient way to keep using cannabis, without the wear and tear to my lungs. They even make gluten free edibles, so that works with my up-to-date diet!
Cannabis edibles