I am always buying a lot of cannabis

Over the years, I have honestly started smoking more weed overall.

I hold a job, I have a family, so don’t try to judge me as a delinquent pothead spending the course of the day on the couch.

I only do that once or twice a month, tops, and that said, I adore having a huge amount of pot on-hand so I can smoke as much as I want, whenever I actually feel like it. Due to my tied up schedule, I can’t just pop down to the cannabis dispensary whenever I’m low, so whenever I buy, I buy a reasonable amount… Some people just get a few grams of cannabis, even though I always get an ounce, at least, so I don’t have to come back for a long time. Long before COVID came around I was truly working from my own beach property to keep an eye on the little ones. That was when I got into smoking more and more cannabis. I never smoke it around my loved ones, of course, I have a private balcony off my beach property office, where I can step outside and smoke when I need to. I made it a normal thing, and smoked cannabis throughout my workday and into the night hours too. Between truly working at my laptop and tending to the youngsters, I am tied up for a good portion of the day, so is it any wonder I use a lot of cannabis? It keeps me easily relaxed, physically, but moreover cannabis allows me to keep a positive outlook with my work. All of my responsibilities can get relatively overwhelming at particular times, and cannabis keeps me severely chill enough to handle whatever the day is able to bring.


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