I don’t prefer to buy small amounts of cannabis

Over the years, I have started smoking a huge amount of weed… I hold a task, I have a family, so don’t judge me as being some delinquent pothead spending all day on the couch.

I only do that once or twice a week, at the most. That said, I love to have a massive amount of pot on-hand so I am actually able to smoke as much as I have the desire. I love smoking when I want, however because of my tied up schedule, I can’t just pop down to the cannabis dispensary anytime I run low on cannabis buds. Whenever I buy, I buy a huge amount, however some people just get a few grams of cannabis, but I regularly invest in an ounce, at least. It’s basically so I don’t have to come back for a long time. Long before COVID hit us I was simply working from my residence to keep an eye on the kids, plus that was when I got into smoking a good amount of cannabis buds. I never smoke it around family, of course, I have a private balcony off the residential office, where I can step outside plus smoke cannabis throughout the day as I please. I made it a respected thing, plus smoked cannabis throughout my workday plus into the late evening. Between working regularly on the computer plus tending the kids, I am tied up all the time, so is it any wonder I use so much cannabis? It keeps me severely relaxed, physically, but moreover cannabis allows me to keep a positive attitude about my work ultimately! All of my responsibilities can get pretty overwhelming sometimes, plus cannabis keeps me calm enough to handle whatever the day throws at me.

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