Glaucoma and weed aren’t there yet

Glaucoma is a very debated topic when it comes to medical weed. My grandmother suffers from it and read one article online about medical cannabis and is saying she has to have it. I have done some further research and I say no to medical weed and glaucoma relief. So there are many clinical studies that have found that cannabinoids can reduce intraocular pressure (IOP). Apparently marijuana can work just as well as most conventional glaucoma medications to reduce eye pressure. You can take an edible, smoke cannabis oil or flower and even though it is not directly on the eye, it can do the trick. So that is what my grandmother has read and she wants medical weed because of it. I have researched further and read that cannabis can decrease eye pressure, but it also reduces your blood pressure which on an older person is dangerous. When not taken correctly you can even go blind in your efforts. The general consensus across the board with medical professionals is to stay away from medical cannabis when it comes to glaucoma. There are some good things that come with it, but not enough. The cons vastly outweigh the pros. My grandmother isn’t too happy about what I have found online. I know she wants to try it. I am half tempted to bake a batch of brownies and just say there is weed in them. Would she really be able to tell the difference? She has never smoked or tried cannabis before. I think I could do the placebo effect easily.

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