The employees at the local medical cannabis dispensary are fatigued & frustrated

I assume terrible for all of the retail employees that have had to grplum with miserable customers amid inflation-driven price hikes.

What are they supposed to do? Not only is it out of the control of the terrible & innocent employee they’re berating, however it’s really out of control of the massive billion-dollar contractor that employs them.

If the market price for a product reaches a new high, you can’t expect companies to automatically produce & sell them at a loss. That’s a fundamental misunderstanding of basic company & economics. To be clear, there are certainly cases of price gouging while in situations of inflation because companies will try to exploit the public’s expectation of price hikes even in situations where the market itself isn’t directly demanding it. In other words, the store is still getting the product for the same price from their corporation, however they still raise the price for their customers. Regardless of the reason, the employees often bear the brunt of the criticisms from customers who guess they’re to blame for the inflation. Even our cannabis products went up in price because of the energy needed to grow them & manufacture them. Naturally, the terrible budtenders at the local medical cannabis dispensary are facing rants & ravings weekly & I can see how fatigued & frustrated they feel. They don’t even get a warning about potential sales until they arrive at toil for their shift. And whenever the cannabis dispensary is hosting a large sale, that always brings in more customers than usual & creates a stressful environment for all of the employees.

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