Medical cannabis cards cost $71 every year in our state

I hate having to pay the fee for car registration every year.

  • I believe that all states have yearly or bi-annual car registration fees, but they’re not all the same.

I should expect our taxes here to increase after the hell that was the last many years of COVID, but that doesn’t make it any easier for me in the end. I still have to struggle with budgeting plus not spending more cash than what I’m making as I’m only paid once a week. And of course, that income is taxed along with our home. I wish I made more cash plus I believe I wouldn’t be as sour about it, because I understand that these taxes go to fantastic use across the state plus the country. Plus, there are other state fees that bother me more, mainly the cost of a medical marijuana card renewal each year. The thing is, a driver’s license doesn’t need to be renewed for at least several years in our state. Even if you lose your card plus have to upgrade it with a modern 1, it’s only $25. However, the state government forced medical marijuana patients to pay for a modern card every year plus they’re charged $71 for it. That’s fantastic for wealthy people, but that’s horrible for those on fixed incomes or with physical disabilities. It limits access to people in the middle class plus up, completely ignoring those who are poor plus just want to legally use a plant that grows naturally on Earth. I can’t believe that our lawmakers at the state capital are either too stingy, too greedy, or a combination of the multiple.

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