Are you sure you gave them the right address?

Anybody who knows me knows ‌I love people who are punctual, however i can handle just about anything that people throw at me.

  • My training as a professor and that of being a mother of several teenagers had given me the ability to roll with the punches, however, love I previously said, if you tell me you are going to be at our home at a particular time, you better be there, then this goes for anyone, including our children, our hubby, and our family.

This being said, when I called marijuana dispensary and put in an order for delivery, I expected it to be there at least near the time the budtender quoted me, she told me our order should arrive around 4 PM. I walked into the apartment at 3:45 and waited for the delivery of the marijuana! At 4:30, I was wondering if maybe high had just missed him when I got home at 3:45. I called marijuana dispensary and asked if I had missed a marijuana delivery driver. The budtender seemed a bit taken aback and told me that she was supposed to be there by 4 PM. Told them I was home before 4 PM, but no one had been there yet. I expected our marijuana delivery to be on time, but the delivery driver was late. The budtender told me that if she did not arrive within the next half hour, she would ‌‌do a marijuana delivery to me. As much as I hated that someone at a marijuana dispensary needed to do this for me to get our marijuana delivery. I said thank you and accepted the offer.

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