Ordering cannabis delivery to hotel on our honeymoon

On our honeymoon, my new husband & I were excited to sample legal marijuana for the first time.

We made plans to stop into a cannabis dispensary, check out the various products & then enjoy ourselves. We found that the cannabis dispensary in closest proximity to our hotel was six blocks away. It would have been a very long walk to reach the weed shop. We hadn’t rented a car & didn’t want to deal with waiting for an uber to drive us there & back. I was super disappointed. I thought it would be a great time and was looking forward to sampling legal cannabis. My husband checked into it and learned that the dispensary offers delivery services. He uploaded a picture of his valid ID and debit card to create an account. We then were able to select anything we wanted online. It was so easy & convenient. There was plenty of product information available. The website provided THC and CBD levels and the effects of each strain. We could read reviews, look at pictures and take advantage of sales and daily deals. Shopping online was a better experience than heading to the store. The dispensary even included a chat feature where we could consult with a budtender online & ask questions about what products would be best for inexperienced users. We ordered our legal limit of products. Then my husband stood at the hotel entrance to meet the driver from the dispensary. It took less than an hour for him to show up. The delivery fee wasn’t overly expensive. It was worth it to avoid the walk to the dispensary. We enjoyed trying out a cannabis bath bomb, tinctures and a few edibles over the next few days. We were thankful the dispensary included weed delivery.


Cannabis delivery