Cannabis delivery works best for my mom

We needed to provide her medical marijuana card, ID and debit card information.

My mother has lived with arthritis in her hands for years. She often soaks raisins in gin in the refrigerator and eats them for relief. She’s tried prescription medications. Nothing provided relief over the long term until she turned to cannabis. I had heard that more and more people were using various medical marijuana strains to combat the stiffness, inflammation and chronic pain of arthritis. My mother was initially reluctant to try it. She refused to smoke anything. She didn’t even want to try vaping. I did some further research and learned that she could treat her arthritis with a topical. The balms, sprays and roll-ons are a medical marijuana product that doesn’t cause a high sensation. The topicals are applied directly to the skin, absorb quite quickly and the cannabinoids penetrate the transdermal layer. Some of the products include THC while others are strictly CBD. My mother preferred a higher CBD content because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The topicals include essential oils that offer a pleasant odor. My mom didn’t want to smell like cannabis or medicine. She also didn’t want to actually step inside the cannabis dispensary. She was uncomfortable buying cannabis. While the products are totally legal & she has a medical marijuana card, she still refused. I was thankful to find a medical marijuana dispensary that includes delivery. I helped her set up an account. We needed to provide her medical marijuana card, ID and debit card information. She can shop online at any time, choose whatever products she wants and opt for delivery right to her house. My mother just meets the driver to accept her package. The delivery vehicle and packaging is completely discreet.

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