I’m always paying so much money to my cannabis health worker

There is a crucial joke going back generations about how healthcare pros don’t ever list or advertise their prices.

Some people are aware that patients should expect brutal prices, especially if medical insurance is being used.

But if you don’t have insurance and have to pay for your appointments in currency, knowing the price each healthcare pro charges is severely important. This happened to me when my old insurance quickly quit covering appointments with the general practitioner that I’ve been seeing for the past fifteen years or so. I wasn’t willing to switch healthcare pros, so I pay the currency once a year to stay on his patient list and carry on receiving our medicine refills. It’s a terribly tiny price to pay to keep getting our necessary medications and not seeing half a dozen healthcare pros who don’t know me and genuinely wish to play games with my pharmacology. But I’m not just paying out of pocket for my general practitioner, I also pay currency two times per year to see my healthcare pro. He charges $150 for each visit, which is more than a lot of locales however less than a few others. It’s actually worth paying the cost because they understand my needs and treat me severely fairly. If I actually require an increase on my allotment for medical marijuana THC milligrams in the state registry, they’re happy to make the change when I choose to reach out. I have heard of cases of people who have ended up not too happy with their cannabis physicians because the healthcare pro tried to pry into the person’s medical history. This is not such a good thing if you have a history of taking mental health medication, which sets off alarm bells in the heads of those who have a stigma towards those actual types of drugs.
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