The customers weren’t too happy about the end of the promotion

Back in May, we started delivering at the cannabis shop, but it was strenuous to advertise as well as we did not have a huge amount of money.

We decided to have a couple of promotions as well as sales to get the word out on the streets about the delivery program.

Throughout the summer, the cannabis shop offered a promotion to boost our delivery program. With every order that was done online for delivery, we included a free pre-roll marijuana cigarette. The promotion worked surprisingly well as well as we did not choose to continue with the promotion once the fall season began. We came up with an odd promotion instead, featuring our dollar dose edibles. I did not know customers would become so aggravated as well as bent out of shape over the loss of this particular promotion. We had customers complain online, in person, as well as to the corporate owners of the marijuana shop. There was so much uproar from the cannabis dispensary customers that the owners made the choice to continue with the promotion. Unluckily, the first of the year saw several changes with the legislature! One of the biggest changes affected the promotion. We’re no longer permitted to give away any free products with a store purchase. We cannot give away free products at all in the store. Even during 4/20, we will not be able to give away free stuff as well as I know that’s going to be a difficult thing. We have to charge the customers at least $1. The laws made a great deal of customers aggravated, however we had no choice in the matter. We had to end the promotion after the laws were changed throughout the entire state.


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