The whole time I needed to smoke a joint

I remember a time when it was illegal to use marijuana and everyone had to worry about getting caught with a joint. My sister and I were on our way home from a basketball game. There wasn’t much snow, but the roads were still covered with slush and ice. I got a marijuana joint from one of my friends at the game and my sister and I started smoking The Joint shortly after we left the basketball game. We were smoking the marijuana in the car, but we were following the road signs and all of the traffic. The roads were icy and slick. My sister was driving when a deer jumped out in front of the car. My sister slammed on the brakes and we ended up in a ditch on the side of the road. My sister wanted to call my mom and dad right away, but I was really shaken up and I wanted to finish smoking a joint in the car first. My sister was afraid the car would smell like marijuana, so I got out of the car and sat outside in the snow with the marijuana joint. My sister called my dad and he came out to the place where we were in the ditch and pulled us out with his truck. He made sure we were safe to drive the rest of the way home. He followed us from the site of the crash. I never would have been able to finish the marijuana joint if my sister would not have delayed calling my dad.


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