The whole time I was looking to smoke a joint

I most definitely recall a time when it was illegal to enjoy marijuana and almost everyone had to agonize about getting caught with a joint… My brother and I were on our way home from a hoops game… There wasn’t a great deal of snow, but the roads were still covered with a tremendous amount of slush and ice.

I got a marijuana joint from a single of our pals at the game and my brother and I started smoking The Joint soon after both of us left the hoops game.

We were smoking the marijuana in the car, but both of us were following the road signs and all of the traffic. The roads were incredibly icy and slick. My brother was driving when a deer decided to hop out in front of the car. My brother slammed on the brakes and both of us ended up sliding into a ditch on the side of the road. My brother was saying he needed to call our parents instantly, even though I was honestly shaken up and I was simply looking to finish smoking a joint in the vehicle before anything else. My brother was afraid the vehicle would have a small odor of marijuana, so I jumped out of the vehicle and sat outside in the snow with the marijuana joint. My brother called our father and he came out to the locale where we were stuck in the ditch and pulled us out with his truck. He made sure we were perfectly safe to drive the rest of the way back to our dwelling. He followed us from the locale of the crash. I never would have been able to be done with the marijuana joint if my brother would not have delayed calling our father.


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