I desperately needed to smoke a joint

I definitely recall a time when it was totally illegal to use marijuana plus all the people had to try not to get caught with a joint. My sibling plus I were on our way back to our beach residence from a basketball game. There wasn’t a bunch of snow, however the roads were still covered with slush plus ice. I was able to get a marijuana joint from a single of my awesome friends at the game plus my sibling plus I started enjoying the cannabis shortly after both of us left the basketball game. We were smoking cannabis in the car, however both of us were following the road signs plus all of the traffic just fine. The roads were rather icy plus slick. My sibling was driving when a deer decided to jump out in front of the car. My sibling slammed on the brakes plus both of us ended up being stuck in a ditch on the side of the road. My sibling was trying to call our parents in a jiffy, however I was especially shaken up plus I definitely felt the need to finish smoking a joint in the car before going with our plan. My sibling was afraid the car would smell strongly of marijuana, so I got out of the car plus rested outside in the snow with the marijuana joint. My sibling called our dad plus he came out to the place we were stuck. He pulled us out with his truck. He made sure we were okay to drive the rest of the way back to our residence. He followed us from the place of the crash. I never would have been able to finish the marijuana joint if my sibling would not have delayed getting a hold of our dad.
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