Ordering online is substantially different from going to the cannabis shop

I moved to a state with legal recreational and medical marijuana laws approximately 6 weeks ago! At that time, the pandemic was still going strong and a vast majority of the dispensaries only offered pickup or delivery services… I could not make my way inside any of the sites, but I still ordered online from the website. The first time I went into a cannabis shop was merely a couple of weeks ago, but my neighbor Jason and I went to a grand opening celebration for a dispensary downtown. I was genuinely amazed by all of the products they had available. Inside of the cannabis shop looked something like a gas station or convenience store. The site had products that lined the walls and products that lined the shelves in the middle of the store. All of the product packages had Vivid and bright colors that were completely charming and eye pleasing. I looked at a couple of the live resin concentrates that were in the refrigerator. They were especially expensive, however everything in the store was on sale that particular day. I made the choice to purchase a gram of live rosin from a maker that is well-known. Jason picked out a couple of products from the cannabis shop as well, but going to the store was a much different experience than ordering online. The store was totally packed with people, though, so I can understand the reason why it was necessary to limit the amount of people in the building while in the pandemic. There were definitely twenty or thirty people relaxing in line and only half of them were wearing a mask the appropriate way.


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