The officer was not playing with an uncooperative customer

Just this past Wednesday, the Statewide laws changed and we no longer have a mask mandate inside of public areas.

There is still a sign on the outside of the weed store that states all patients must wear a mask or order online for pick-up or delivery. Nobody is permitted inside of the weed store without a mask. This is a corporation policy that the people I was with and I can choose to enforce on our own and the government doesn’t have a say in that particular decision. Just a handful of customers have gotten distraught and our response is to basically tell them to go to another weed store. The security officer had to escort someone from the building fairly recently, because the guy kept taking his mask off… He did not have the desire to wear a mask into the weed store in the first place, and then he tried to detach the mask many odd times while he was waiting in line to order some marijuana supplies. The security officer told the guy once not to detach his mask and the second time he threatened to take him out of the weed store, but I guess the guy thought the security officer was messing around, although he was definitely serious. The next time the guy unfastened his mask, the security officer escorted the guy out of the building and told him never to come back to the place ever again. Of course, maybe 15 minutes later, the guy tried to order for pickup, however the security officer recognized the name and refused to let the guy into the weed store for pickup. He absolutely told the buyer that he needed to go to another location to shop for recreational marijuana supplies.