The dwelling had a powerful smell of marijuana, but all of us don't smoke

My entire family plus I decided to head down to the coast for the weekend.

  • Instead of going for a few odd hotel rooms to accommodate all of the adults plus little ones, it was much cheaper for our entire family to share the rental for a cabin… The people I was with and I found a beach dwelling that was large enough for the family plus it was less per night than the hotels would have been.

The people I was with and I also had private access to the beach along with a really nice hot tub plus private pool. The beach dwelling had multiple rooms plus plenty of area for our family. The people I was with and I even had access to a game room downstairs with a pool table, darts, video games for the youngsters, foosball, plus air hockey. The dwelling was great apart from the fact that it smelled exactly like marijuana. Someone had smoked marijuana in the dwelling not long ago. The smell of the cannabis was everywhere in the air. I hoped my husband would not know about the smell, but he knew it was weed too. He was trying to call the contractor to make complaints about the rental, but I requested it was a better move just to open the windows plus doors plus let the smell out of the rental. The people I was with and I got a marvelous deal on the dwelling rental plus I wasn’t all that worried if the smell of marijuana was lingering in the air or not. I wasn’t even stunned by the smell of recreational marijuana inside of the rental cabin. The people I was with and I were going to check out a state with legal recreational laws plus all of us were staying in a rental owned by somebody in that state! My husband really was the only one feeling upset.



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