The lodge smelled very strongly of marijuana, however we don't smoke in the least

My entire family plus I chose to go to the coast for the weekend. Instead of spending money on several different hotel rooms to accommodate all of the adults plus young ones, it was much cheaper for our entire family to share the rental for a lodge. Every one of us found a beach lodge that was honestly sizable enough for our whole family plus it was definitely less per evening than the hotels would have cost. Every one of us also had our own personal access to the beach along with an overheated tub plus private pool, and the property had several large rooms plus plenty of section for our entire family. Every one of us even had access to a game room downstairs with a billiards table, darts, video games for the kids, foosball, plus air hockey. The lodge was without a doubt perfect other than the fact that it smelled pretty harshly of marijuana… Someone had smoked a great deal of marijuana in the lodge recently. The smell of the cannabis product was everywhere in the air. I was honestly wishing my partner wouldn’t recognize the smell, but she knew that somebody was smoking that cannabis. She wanted to call the corporation to complain, but I recommended it was better just to open the windows plus doors plus let the smell air out of the rental. Every one of us got an enjoyable deal on the lodge rental plus I wasn’t all that upset if the smell of marijuana was in the air or not. I wasn’t completely amazed by the smell of recreational marijuana inside of the rental lodge. Every one of us were visiting a state that happened to have legal recreational laws plus we were staying in a rental owned by someone in that particular state. My partner was literally the only person who happened to be feeling distraught.

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