Medical marijuana was much cheaper than recreational.

My child traveled almost 1000 miles to visit my hubby and I for my birthday, she and her significant other got on the airplane and both of us picked them up at the airport, and no sooner was she in the car, then she pulled out her vape pen and began using marijuana, i asked her if she had a medical marijuana ID card, and she just shrugged. She said that where she came from, all marijuana was legal rather than medical or recreational, but our state did not allow for someone to come in from another state and use marijuana… To make matters worse, she was not only using marijuana outside of where she lived, even though she had somehow brought marijuana into the state with her. I asked her if she wasn’t sad about being caught on the plane with her marijuana? She told myself and others that she used marijuana for anxieties, and there was no way anyone could stop her from using, even on the airplane. Then she started asking questions about how much both of us paid for my medical marijuana, and when I told her what both of us paid for what little bit I had, she thought I was lying. She said there was no way medical marijuana was that much cheaper than the recreational marijuana that she bought. I wasn’t about to rest and argue with her, although I did ask her to please not continue using it while at my house, since our state did not allow her to use it separate from having a medical ID card. She and her partner got so infuriated, they got into my truck and drove to the bottom of the mountain so that she could use her marijuana.

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