My mother had arthritis so badly that she could barely feed herself.

I used to rest and watch my mother as she would rest at the table, getting angry. I knew mom had arthritis, but I didn’t realize how terrible it genuinely was. She would try to hold the spoon or fork, even though she had so much pain, she could not feed herself. I watched her throw her eating utensils out of frustration and pain, and then go to bed. It didn’t matter what I did, and there was no way to make her guess better. I could almost guess her frustration, but I didn’t understand what she was going through. I am now plagued with the same frustration. My knuckles are swollen and I have a difficult time moving. The difference between mom and I is that medical marijuana is now available for my use. I am able to go into our local marijuana dispensary and purchase CBD products that I can rub into my hands. There are bizarre ingestible marijuana and CBD products that can ease pain. I asked my dentist about medical marijuana and if he thought it was a nice course of treatment. He said that it wasn’t going to hurt me, and if I wanted to try medical marijuana, I should try it. I looked up a dentist that could help me get a medical marijuana ID card. After getting his certification, all I had to do is spend my money the state and wait for my medical marijuana card to arrive. Within a week of using my prescribed marijuana products, I was seeing a giant difference. I only wish I could have gave this genre of help for her arthritis.


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