Pure CBD without other cannabinoids & terpenes didn’t help my medical issues

I’m fairly open minded to all sorts of products & supplements for a plethora of health purposes. When I was still in college, I used to buy kava & ginseng whenever I could get across town to the Asian market where I found them both. Back then there weren’t many legal intoxicants on the market besides spice & bath salts, both of which were essentially umbrella terms for a constantly changing set of several substances. For the former, it was a massive group of synthetic cannabinoids with no pharmacological history or research to understand the short term & long term effects. An old buddy of mine got addicted to spice after he moved out of state to live with his Mom in his inner neighborhood apartment. I heard through a mutual buddy that he nearly went insane & attacked his father with a baseball bat before he was subdued by his aunt & father & taken to the hospital to detox before being cuffed & thrown into county jail. Nowadays the synthetic cannabinoids that you see on the market are delta-8 THC, delta-10 THC, & THC-O. These are much safer, especially since delta-8 occurs naturally in some strains of cannabis. Otherwise you could buy CBD or CBG oil for several reasons. When I tried taking pure CBD oil to help with my nerve pain & anxiety, it didn’t help me unquestionably much regardless of the dose sizes. I eventually l earned that I needed a full spectrum CBD product that had other terpenes & cannabinoids present in it from its original plant form. Once I started buying full spectrum hemp products, I noticed a big boost in positive effects.



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