My favorite source for hemp products grows them in greenhouses out west

I feel immensely proud of my country, especially after learning about the storehouse of amazing natural resources that we have here from coast to coast.

We have a massive farm belt that supports every kind of agriculture from fruit orchards to grains and wheat.

The opportunities for energy resources are seemingly limitless too, especially when you consider hydroelectric energy, solar, wind, and geothermal on top of coal, natural gas, and petroleum. It’s my sincere hope that we can band together to address our energy crisis in the best way possible that gives us relief for our immediate needs while addressing concerns for the future of the environment. If we want to create new paper products to replace the rise in single-use plastics, we have no choice but to farm more wood. We need not only the raw materials, but also the processing plants that take the raw wood and turn it into the paper used for all of these disposable products like dinner plates and beverage straws. Aside from wood, I’m also seeing a rise in hemp products being used as alternatives to plastic. There are a lot of hemp producers, especially out west where the weather and climate are ideal for growing cannabis plants of all varieties. Some of this hemp is medical grade for personal consumption, while other crops are strictly used as raw material for other goods and manufacturing. I have seen faux-plastic containers made from CBD enriched hemp and I’m surprised at the results to be honest. If you handed me one and asked me to tell you what it was made out of, I would say plastic without a moment’s hesitation. However, these hemp-based polymers are 100% plastic-free!

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