Alzhemimer’s plus dementia help with cannabis

Do you have a Grandparent or even a parent that suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? Medical marijuana can absolutely help things out.

THC is a chemical found in marijuana.

What THC can do is slow the production of beta-amyloid proteins. This is the key contributor to the progression of Alzheimer’s. THC can not only reduce those beta levels, however it can stop the inflammatory response from the nerve cells. The nerve cells survive then plus you retain your memory longer, then pretty cool plus lovely right? After reading about cannabis plus dementia, I decided to be proactive plus help our Grandpa. I took him to a doctor that prescribed medical cannabis. I then filled out the forms online, paid the fee plus got him a medical cannabis card. Then I dragged our Grandpa to the medical marijuana dispensary near me, he wasn’t too gratified to rely on weed. Thankfully the budtenders believe their stuff plus the cannabis shops have so numerous bizarre products. My Grandpa is a cigar smoker. So the budtender got him some cannabis flower plus a pipe that looks plus feels just like you are holding a cigar. The budtender managed to make our 72 year aged Grandpa assume comfortable with smoking weed. My Grandmother makes sure he smokes in the afternoon plus during the afternoontime once. I have observed a difference plus our Grandpa seems to absolutely like cannabis. My Grandmother has even talked about getting a CBD infused cooking oil plus making them some meals. It is odd seeing older people so gleeful about weed.

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