Broad spectrum CBD products have fewer cannabinoids inside

My parents have evolved a lot since I was a kid.

Some of the things that bothered them then would barely phase them nowadays. One example is immigration, as they were often outspoken in their frustration with the high degree of immigration coming into this country. I have had a slew of friends over the years visiting our home who were the products of immigration to our country. On top of that, we had next door neighbors while I was in high school who were an extremely kind couple from South Korea. They invited our family over for dinners at least once a month and showered us in delicious Korean food that made my father’s mouth water. I’m happy to see my parents evolving in their beliefs, especially in their mindset towards immigration. But I’ve also seen my parents shift in their views towards the marijuana plant in recent years. They raised me to believe that cannabis was an evil gateway drug that would get me hooked on harder drugs in the long run. When I see my parents openly using and discussing CBD products as normally as they would alcohol, I can’t come to terms with the cognitive dissonance that it gives me. They don’t even admit that they have completely flip flopped on something that used to be so important to them! But what can I do about it? The best thing I can do is stay positive and hope that they convert more people in their generation toward being supportive of cannabis, even if it’s just CBD and hemp specifically. I haven’t bothered to ask my parents what their current opinions are of regular cannabis, but I can’t imagine they’re the same as before.


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